Valhil Capital Firm


Valhil Capital partners with bold founders whose big ideas can evolve into epic companies when combined with our capital, expertise, and connections. Based in Houston, the centrepoint of America’s Silicon Bayou, our investments and activities range from Texas to Europe and to Earth’s orbit and beyond.


Our culture is driven by people and partners collaborating to identify early trends and capitalize on groundbreaking opportunities in emerging sectors. We are focused on integrity in partnerships, excellence in execution, and developing extraordinary opportunity for all involved in Valhil companies.


Valhil Capital’s principals and executives share a common trait with our investment partners: each and every one has a combination of deal expertise and operational experience. This alignment of talent and big picture vision encourages cross disciplinary thinking and collaboration, an exciting differentiator for Valhil in the venture capital and private equity worlds.


We are building a synergistic portfolio of early stage companies, brands and digital assets. Valhil curates and selects investments based on an idea or company’s promise in terms of sector leadership, innovation and the opportunity for us to unlock powerful unrealized potential.